Matthew 26:6-16

When the woman comes to Simon’s house in Bethany and anoints Jesus’ head with expensive ointment worth a very large sum, the disciples protest that it could have been sold and used for the poor.  Jesus, however, surprises them by commending the woman for her act of worship.  This does not mean that Jesus doesn’t care about the poor!  But it shows that Jesus himself is of supreme value.  He alone is worthy of worship and he commends the woman because she values him above the poor and above the money she spent on the expensive ointment.

Immediately following this short story is Judas’ agreement to betray Jesus for thirty pieces of silver.  The woman is showing that Jesus is more precious to her than her money, Judas is showing that money is more precious to him than Jesus.

  What do our actions say about what is most valuable in our lives? Is Jesus our treasure?