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James 1:12-15 The Nature of Temptation

Here’s a difficult question that’s worth thinking about: What is the difference between the temptation that Jesus experienced and the temptation that we experience? A good answer to this question will help us deal with the temptation that we experience. Here are some of the biblical texts that we must consider in order to think this through: Continue reading

The folly of repressing religious freedom

What follows is a line of logic that may come in useful some day if you are challenged as to why it is not wrong to “proselytize.”

What is behind the prohibition of sharing one’s religious beliefs with another? If you were to ask someone who holds this position that “proselytism” should be prohibited, I can only think of two different ways that they could logically respond. Continue reading

The Christmas Box

I read this book because my teenage son and his friends had read it, liked it, and wanted me to tell them what I thought of it. The story is touching (almost too touching), and delivers a moral lesson about the importance of fathers spending time with their children. But there are some problems in the book, as we shall see. Continue reading

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